Friday, June 02, 2006

W-WTF - response to Michael Verdi

So I found a very interesting Video blogging site by Michael Verdi, the design is a great minimalist style and the vblog entries were very interesting. One that really peaked my interest was a rant on "W" stickers on other peoples cars.

I felt it worth a response.

Here is my response to his, almost poetry, rant.

stealing the election of 2000.
-fairly well proven that the Florida election, had it been recounted as many times as you wanted, would have ended up a George Bush victory.

-How the hell do you pin that on W? Enron was a festering cesspool of theft for YEARS, it only exploded under W's watch. If anything you need to give the Justice department CREDIT for bringing them to justice now.

Bin Laden determined to attack the US?
- come on, don't be naive, that had nothing to do with W. Bin Laden and the other haters in Islam had it in for us LOOONNNG before W took office.

No funding for stem cell research?
- I assume you really mean no funding for EMBRYIONIC stem cell research, which has provided no successes and might be pointless as adult cell research is showing great promise.

September the 11th??
- a big WTF back to you on that one.

Patriot act.
- That has impacted me and you how...........I see Michael is being supressed by the government.

Guantanamo Bay
- Good thing not Bad.

Preemptive war Afghanastan
- I'll fix it for you, Kicking the Taliban's ASS in Afghanastan and freeing 15 million people from religious fanatics.

The Iraq war
- Nobody, including W, said it was going to be a short war, nor an easy one, nor a bloodless one. He has always said this was a LONG commitment. The jury's gonna be out for another 5 years.

No WMD's
- Well they found chemical weapons, but I guess they don't count. And there were many other reasons, specifically cited by W in the same speech that included the WMD statement, but then that goes against the script now doesn't up and find the facts:

Valerie Plame
- Pointless non-secret secret agent that was non-outed outed by someone, to people that already knew she worked for the CIA and who may have had an agenda (her husband certainly did) against the President. Let's throw as much mud against the wall as we can and see what sticks. Sheesh. I'm not going to be able to answer all of these too many, bare with me if I miss a couple.

Corporate tax cuts ?
-well they kinda brought us out of a recession if you didn't notice.

Kyoto accord is a joke. Un-meetable goals, agenda driven legislation that does NOTHING to combat global warming. Only makes Europe and liberals happy because it is a piece of paper that they can wave in front of the US president and call him names. You aren't seriously supporting Kyoto are you? Seriously?? Even the signors now admit they won't be able to meet the goals. Bush (really the Senate that voted unanimously to reject it) were just smart enough to realize how stupid the Kyoto treaty really was.

Harriet Meiers...Ok a clear fuckup, granted.

Downing street memo...gave us new information that wasn't already known by everyone and that was...wait...gimme a minute...I know there has to be something...oh wait nope.

Well mission accomplished he probably regrets and has recently said so.

Global warming does exist, but not nearly to the degree that scare tactic ALGOR wants us to believe. You ready for Nuclear Power? It is really the only short term (decades) solution.

John Bolton KICKS ASS! Perfect man for the job. I feel he can do nothing to fix the completely corrupted and pointless UN, but at least he can keep a light shined on there shadow filled corners.

Record job losses?
-You mean the ones from the 2000-2003 right? The ones caused by the recession brought on by the .com bust right? Do you mention the robust job growth for three years since? who do you BLAME for that?

Abu Graib sucks.
- but the soldiers responsible were brought to THAT a good thing or a bad thing?

And I love how you say this...Huricane KATRINA!! Wow, that is awesome. So an inept Mayor, an inept governor had nothing to do with it. A category 3 (almost 4) hurricane hitting a major US city was something that should be easy to deal with? The largest domestic rescue operation successfully carried out by the coast gaurd was bad or good?...I still can't believe they re-elected Nagin, bunch of poor decision making people there IMHO. Again, get off the script:

Dubai Ports deal was stupid, agreed.

Domestic (er...with a foreign end point of the call) spying. - pretty clearly falls under the executive's allowable powers: I hate to keep pulling you off your script,

2500 coalition troops dead...tragic... but 1. the soldiers feel the risk is worth it, 2. compared to almost any war ever fought it is miniscule.

over 100k iraqis dead...umm...that dang script thing again. There is no way to make this a good thing, but it is probably less than half that. About the only silver linings are these: a) Sadam wouild have probably killed a significant percentage of that number himself in 3 years (historically he was a butcher) and b) most of the deaths are at the hands of islamic homicide bombers, exposing their hate of anything and everything, even other muslims.

All out civil war?
- There is a lot of violence there, but I'll counter your all out civil war with "three elections and a sitting democratically elected government"...I think the truth is probably somewhere in between...Let's see how things go for another 5 years. (that's the time frame it's gonna take)
I probably missed a couple there, but I think I caught most of them.

Anyways. Just for the record I do NOT have a W sticker on my car. And one last comment...I shake my head when I see Kerry stickers on cars still...THAT is a deluded individual.


Aunt Chrissy said...

Great website! I totally agree with your take on these rants. And I'm glad you brought up the "No WMDs" thing, because I, too, remember that this was just one of MANY reasons we were given for going into Iraq - and when the media started saying, "Oooh, no WMDs were found, and that was the MAIN REASON we went in", I was going, "WTF??? am I the only person in the world who remembers all the other reasons?" Thanks for saving my sanity! ;-)

atheistika said...

No problem I am merely here to serve.