Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Guest post from R2D2: Interview with Maureen Dowd

My exclusive interview with Maureen Dowd by R2D2.

R2: So Mizz Down can you explain...

Maureen Dowd [MD]: Aren't you a cute little guy.

R2: Eh?... Mizz Dowd can you explain your current impression of the tenor of the political climate one week before elections?

MD: What sort of accessories do you come with?

R2: I'm sorry, accessories?

MD: Umm hunh. Is there any vibrating functionality or other fun toys that you are equiped with?

R2: ...

R2: Mizz Dowd I'd like to focus our discussion back on the political climate...

MD: [reaches her hand across to stroke the silvery dome of R2]

R2: BaBEEEEP BEEEEEEP blieep... Please Mizz Dowd some decorum please.

MD: [smiles wickedly then pouts] I'm sorry, it's just been so long since I've gotten any and you sitting there like a three foot dildo...my imagination just got the better of me.

R2: ...Well Mizz Dowd, I'd like to think we can keep this on professional leve...

MD: Maureen.

R2: What..?

MD: [In a sultry voice] Call me Maureen.

R2: Ah crap, threepio! Get this cooky broad off the set.

Atheist in the closet.

I have heard it described as being in the closet. I don't mean to put down people who are gay and are in the closet about it but there are a lot of similarities.

  1. None of my family are atheists (except my dad and he's in the closet too [at 66 years old no less])
  2. We can't talk about it in polite company because it would upset the apple cart in the rest of our family relationships so much we risk ostricism.
  3. You are assumed to be immoral without belief in god.
  4. Everyone assumes you believe in god and can't conceive of you being otherwise.

hmmm. Looks similar.

Today I read an interesting post about being Conservative in NY. I'm glad I'm surrounded by a mixed and mostly conservative neighborhood as this would drive me crazy, but it appears that there is also political closeting.


Very interesting.

In that situation would I be a double closetter? Or would I be surrounded by atheists [libs] and therefore back to a single closet?

Which would I prefer? Well I don't give a crap about god so I guess it's better to be in that closet rather than the political closet...hmmm.