Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Very well written interpretation of Bittergate [ClingGate really]

What’s the Matter with Democrats?

George Packer writes over at "The New Yorker" and does some good soul searching for the Democrats.

"The real problem with what Obama said is that it’s basically untrue. In southwestern Pennsylvania, religion, hunting, and insularity predate the post-industrial era."

That is the heart of the matter but the problem with the Democrats is they believe the opposite.

"In fact, it’s such a familiar line of thinking in liberal circles that the most common defense of Obama is that he was simply saying what everyone knows is so."

It is interesting though, that he writes this compelling article and then at the end says this:

"Conservative propagandists like Kristol are predictably and unfairly wrapping Obama’s disastrous sentence around his neck and garroting him with it." - [emphasis mine]

Does that mean he does not believe himself what he has written?  Bill Kristol and others to raise the issue and paint Obama as an elitist and they are being unfair and yet George Packer does it in his article (admittedly with more even handed language) and its perfectly legit. 

I don't quite get it.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Obama really believes that the only solution to problems is through government intervention.

Good article from David LImbaugh over at

More and more, when Obama talks about the alleged "antipathy" people have toward "people who aren't like them," one can't help but speculate whether he's projecting his own feelings of antipathy and bitterness toward others and the nation

As always go read the whole thing.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Rezko...Obama is a slime.


Graft, thy name is Barry.

NIce list of waffles from Obama

I used to think Slick Willy was a waffler...check this out:

I have found it really disturbing how many times Obama has pleaded ignorance on a variety of issues, both in terms of policy and in terms of personal stuff.

I have started a running list, and these are just some issues that have stuck with me off the top of my head:

  1. He didn't realize Rezko was under investigation when he entered into the shady house deal, even though it was well established in the local Chicago papers.
  2. He didn't know about the 11 low-income housing units going under in his small state senate district that were owned by Rezko even as he asked for funds for these buildings.
  3. He didn't know the difference between a yea vote and a nay vote, so he "pressed the wrong button" six least two of those times the votes were hotly contested and the vote was very close.
  4. He didn't know the Kyl-Lieberman vote was taking place, but somehow every other candidate knew about it.
  5. He didn't realize that his spiritual mentor and pastor of 20 years was saying very controversial things in church (er..but now maybe he says he did know...).
  6. He didn't know his top economic adviser, Austin Goolsbee, met with the Canadian government and suggested that his position on NAFTA was just political posturing.
  7. He was for the decriminalization of pot before he was against it because he, as a Harvard educated lawyer, did not know what decriminalization meant.
  8. He never saw a survey that he says misrepresents his views, despite the fact that his handwriting is on the survey.

And this is just what I am thinking of off the top of my head! I am sure there are more.

I get that politicians stretch the truth, sometimes they lie, sometimes they pander. I don't mind that, really. Hillary does this too.

But what I see here is a really disturbing pattern of him pleading ignorance or blaming others and it seems that he is never held accountable for this pattern of ignorance. I mean we are either to believe that 1) he lies all the time, or 2) he really is ignorant...if it is the first, well, he needs to stop lying because he is losing credibility...if it is the second, he does NOT belong in the White House...

I also think this pattern is very, very problematic for the general election...


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