Thursday, August 03, 2006

Guest post from R2D2: Interview with Kos

My exclusive interview with Kos by R2D2.

R2: So Kos I'd like to begin...

Kos: Darth.

R2: Excuse me?

Kos: Darth Kos.

R2: You're kidding.

Kos: No, Darth Deano convinced me Last night that the dark side was for me.

R2: Ok then...Darth Kos.

Darth Kos: [shit eating grin]

R2: Darth Kos I'd like to begin the discussion if you don't mind...

Darth Kos: Your powers are weak old man.

R2: What?

DK: You're weak.

R2: [spinning his head around] Hey threepio where'd you get this guy.

C3PO: [from off camera] The agency said he was a leading liberal voice in politics today.

R2: He's a nutcase.

DK: Your faith in your friends is your weakness.

R2: Idiot you can't even get the lines right.

DK: Sorry, sorry I'll cooperate.

R2: Really?

DK: Promise.

R2: Ok then.


R2: Darth Kos, I'd like to begin the discussion, if you don't mind, on how you would explain the apparent utter failure of the netroots organization to successfully get one of their candidates elected.

DK: Leiberman will join us or DIE my master!

R2: Ahhh fuck!

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