Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Guest post from R2D2: Interview with Maureen Dowd

My exclusive interview with Maureen Dowd by R2D2.

R2: So Mizz Down can you explain...

Maureen Dowd [MD]: Aren't you a cute little guy.

R2: Eh?... Mizz Dowd can you explain your current impression of the tenor of the political climate one week before elections?

MD: What sort of accessories do you come with?

R2: I'm sorry, accessories?

MD: Umm hunh. Is there any vibrating functionality or other fun toys that you are equiped with?

R2: ...

R2: Mizz Dowd I'd like to focus our discussion back on the political climate...

MD: [reaches her hand across to stroke the silvery dome of R2]

R2: BaBEEEEP BEEEEEEP blieep... Please Mizz Dowd some decorum please.

MD: [smiles wickedly then pouts] I'm sorry, it's just been so long since I've gotten any and you sitting there like a three foot dildo...my imagination just got the better of me.

R2: ...Well Mizz Dowd, I'd like to think we can keep this on professional leve...

MD: Maureen.

R2: What..?

MD: [In a sultry voice] Call me Maureen.

R2: Ah crap, threepio! Get this cooky broad off the set.

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