Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Very well written interpretation of Bittergate [ClingGate really]

What’s the Matter with Democrats?

George Packer writes over at "The New Yorker" and does some good soul searching for the Democrats.

"The real problem with what Obama said is that it’s basically untrue. In southwestern Pennsylvania, religion, hunting, and insularity predate the post-industrial era."

That is the heart of the matter but the problem with the Democrats is they believe the opposite.

"In fact, it’s such a familiar line of thinking in liberal circles that the most common defense of Obama is that he was simply saying what everyone knows is so."

It is interesting though, that he writes this compelling article and then at the end says this:

"Conservative propagandists like Kristol are predictably and unfairly wrapping Obama’s disastrous sentence around his neck and garroting him with it." - [emphasis mine]

Does that mean he does not believe himself what he has written?  Bill Kristol and others to raise the issue and paint Obama as an elitist and they are being unfair and yet George Packer does it in his article (admittedly with more even handed language) and its perfectly legit. 

I don't quite get it.

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